Powerful Probabilistic Genotyping Tools

In this example Contributor 1 (C1) was an elimination standard and major profile on a no suspect property crime sample.  Contributor 2 (C2) is the deconvoluted profile.  The highlighted rows in the deconvoluted profile exceed the threshold for “upload” eligibility.

Unlike another “commercially” available PG software, BP Sentry has the ability to condition a mixture profile on a known contributor(s) to provide higher probabilities for deconvoluted profiles.

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Bullet & BP Sentry eDNA’s Probabilistic Genotyping Tools

BP Sentry, eDNA’s Continuous Probabilistic Genotyping tool provides a Frequentist and Bayesian methodology to resolve complex mixtures and provide mixture deconvolution.  Click below to schedule a free demo and access to the fully operation application.


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Contact the eDNA Steward to arrange for an online primer demo and for login access to the fully operational demo site featuring eDNA 3.2 with eSolve Indexing System, Brutus, and Bullet.

There will be no sales pitches—just a pure tour of the high-level functionality of the eDNA LIMS…then the user will be turned loose to explore the deeper domain functionality at their pleasure.

The demo login credentials provided during the tour remain valid indefinitely so come back whenever and as often as you wish.