About eDNA

Base Module

Since the year 2000 more than a million dollars of coding has been performed building and enhancing eDNA. It is truly the most intuitive yet comprehensive tool for the Forensic Biology laboratory. 

When a laboratory joins the eDNA Consortium they typically sanction and fund a new enhancement which is then made available to the other consortium members as a free upgrade.

This model has worked well over the past seventeen years…and now with the new eSolve DNA Index System including the new and robust tools to facilitate CODIS type searches along with haplotype and familial searches, Probabilistic Genotyping tools, and  newly expanded kinship calculation tools, eDNA is again in the forefront and giving back to the consortium.

Your Success is eDNA’s Success

Through word of mouth only, the eDNA Consortium grew to more than two dozen DNA Laboratories in less than a decade. No advertisement or sales staff have ever been part of this continued growth…the popularity is based purely on the product itself and the philanthropic pricing membership model.