Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Base eDNA LIMS?

In short, everything developed to date…the full LIMS, Database Searching tools, all calculation modules…it takes a 250 page manual to list all functionality. 


How much does eDNA cost?

A laboratory joins the eDNA Consortium.  Once a member of the eDNA Consortium the laboratory is provided the current production version of eDNA.  The current buy in price is approximately $50,000 USD.  However a generous portion of this cost can be applied to training and eDNA customization. Often facilities commission large eDNA enhancement projects built on the existing million dollar LIMS Platform…in these situations if the project is big enough and benefits the Consortium eDNA is provided a zero cost.

Contact the eDNA Stewart for a detailed quote or to discuss opportunities.

What type of Computer and Operating System is needed to install and run the eDNA LIMS?

I’ll answer that question one piece at a time.

First…eDNA is a server based LIMS.  What this means is the actual LIMS resides and operates on a server.  This server can be a machine local to the facility, remotely hosted offsite at hardened facilities such as Rackspace, or even in the Cloud.   Larger facilities typically elect to run eDNA locally on a machine with the minimum requirements:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard or later.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later.  Specific edition depends on planned usage.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.
  •  IIS 7.5 (included with Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • At least dual-core and 8 GB RAM recommended if running web and data on the same server.


These same provisions can be run on a Virtual Machine as well.

Smaller facilities, say 10 concurrent users, can get buy without the full version of SQL and operate just fine running eDNA in SQL Express (free version).

Since eDNA is server based it is accessed by networked workstations via a Web Browser.  eDNA is optimized for IE version 8 or newer.  OS Systems do not directly affect eDNA accessibility.    




What Genotyping Software can be used with eDNA?

eDNA integrates with Mac and PC versions of Genotyper, GeneMapper ID (all versions), GeneMapper IDX (all versions), and GeneMarker.  A table is created and exported from the genotyping software into eDNA–eDNA records the allele calls and RFU values. 

What CE equipment will eDNA integrate with?

Currently eDNA seamlessly integrates with all ABI CEs.  377 through the 3500.  The tight integration allows the lab to create Sample Sheets /Plate Records for direct import into the collection software allowing for an unprecedented sample tracking capability. 

Why implement eDNA if we already have a LIMS in place?

Sure, eDNA is a turn key LIMS-but it is much more.  If you do not need customer management tools, case / sample tracking ability, agency integration, online client results access, various report review queues, report generation, COC and evidence tracking, equipment integration, etc.. …maybe you should consider the  kinship calculation tools…or the extremely effective and cutting edge Probabilistic Genotyping tools, or maybe use eDNA as a standalone local DNA database allowing for autosomal and Y-STR relatedness searches (mass disaster victim identification), and CODIS type database searches.  eDNA is a robust LIMS but so much more!

How do I join the eDNA Consortium?

Contact the eDNA Consortium Steward to get a Buy-in quote or to discuss commissioning shared enhancements projects allowing for the reduction of the Buy-in cost.  Large enough projects will trigger a zero cost buy-in fee.


Are eDNA Updates free?

Yes.  As an eDNA Consortium member in good standing all Consortium sanctioned enhancements are made available as a free update.