What You Get

The eDNA Baseline Install

eDNA with eSolve is a comprehensive system designed to support private laboratories through statewide laboratory systems. The delivered system will include all functionality.  A partial list of baseline functionality includes:

  1. Customer Management
  2. Online results reporting (eClient)
  3. External agency integration (eAgency)
  4. Kinship calculations and reporting (newly expanded)
  5. Administrative and Technical review queues
  6. Contract administration
  7. Billing and cost tracking
  8. Supports all autosomal and Y-STR loci
  9. Supports all commercially available Kits
  10. Includes population databases with the ability to add new or modify existing
  11. Templatized reporting with Word integration
  12. Forensic Biology worksheets (serology examinations)
  13. Digital evidence photograph uploads
  14. Extraction worksheets
  15. Amplification worksheets
  16. Electronic evidence tracking with printable receipts and manifests
  17. Mixture calculations
  18. Random Match Probabilities
  19. Database searching capabilities to include mixtures, haplotypes, and familial searches
  20. Genetic Analyzer integration (377 through 3500)
  21. Supports Genotyper (Mac and PC), GeneMapper (ID and IDX), and GeneMarker
  22. Probabilistic Genotyping
  23. Sequencing data for a full range of Pharmacogenomics
  24. Insurance billing integration
  25. Integration with Translational Support for complex data interpretation and medical reporting

It is realized that not every laboratory will use eDNA with all modules to its fullest capabilities—but the extended functionality is made available regardless…it is the Consortium way.